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Flat-topped Tower

From here the visitor can observe the Cathedral Ensemble in all its splendour; distinguish the New Cathedral from the Old; stand directly below the Belfry Tower; contemplate the defensive character of the Old Cathedral with its battlements; and view the east-south-west landscape of the city (the River Tormes, the Bishop’s Palace, the Church of El Arrabal…).

The flat terrace that covers the Flat-topped Tower is the consequence of recent restoration work, which allows the visitor to appreciate from the outside the richness of the cathedral ensemble and the defensive nature of its initial construction, and to contemplate the views over the south of the city. A semi-hipped roof covered with ceramic tiles formerly existed.

From the platform you can view the Old Cathedral, the Torre del Gallo, the Cloister and the Chapels, and the New Cathedral and the dome covering the transept, which allows the ensemble to be fully appreciated.

Near the cathedral enclosure on the west flank stands the Bishop’s Palace on the site of the original medieval structure, although its architectural morphology was subsequently modified. To the south can be seen the fertile plain of the River Tormes and the Roman bridge that is part of the Vía de la Plata or Silver Route and the entrance to the historic city.

There are panoramic views of the south of the city and province of Salamanca.

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