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High Room

This room is devoted to the Architecture and Restorations of the Cathedral and in it we can view an audiovisual with images of the rooms before the final restoration, with which it was opened to the public as the Ieronimus exhibition.

Functionally this room serves as a link between the balcony of the Flat-topped Tower, the Vault Room, and the outside exit to the roofs, from where we can approach the tower known as the Torre del Gallo and enter the New Cathedral through the triforium.

The room lies at the higher level of the Flat-topped Tower at the axis of the porticoed entrance to the Old Cathedral, immediately above the Governor’s Room. Its configuration is that of the 18th-century alterations to the Flat-topped Tower.

It stands against the outer wall of the Belfry Tower. The three free-standing walls are constructed of reused stone blocks placed so as to leave bare stone only on the outer face. The roof was of wood and in a state of almost total ruin.

Before the restoration the room took the form of a dwelling with its characteristic layout of bedrooms and other divisions.

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